Date: 1992  |  Owner: Clayton State University  |  Sq. Footage: 32,865 sf
Services Provided: Full Architectural, Engineering and Interior Design Services

Since its construction, Spivey Hall has become, for Atlanta and the nation, a standard of excellence which continues to inspire artists as they perform and patrons as they listen.

Entry into the building signals the beginning of a performance of another type as the patrons enter with grand procession down the open main stair. The ability to see and be seen is an idea as old as theater itself. The lobby design captures the elegance of the European opera houses with a conservative marble tiled lobby, faux marble columns and classical chandelier. The interior of the hall carries forward the classical interiors theme in pleasing peach and teal tones. The design of the performance space, which features the massive Ruffati organ dedicated to Albert Schweitzer, introduces a reflective perimeter shelf which, along with the general shape of the hall, produces the acoustics which have made Spivey the landmark it is.