Date: 2009 | Owner: Fulton County Schools | Sq. Footage: 350,282 sf
Services Provided: Full Architectural, Engineering, and Interior Design Services

Involvement of the community, the school administration, and Fulton County Schools was key in the development of the Langston Hughes High School Prototype programmatic needs, functional arrangement, and aesthetic identity. A collaborative effort began in December 2007 with a series of fact gathering workshops detailing the existing schools facilities with comparisons against the educational specifications for new high schools.

From the beginning, the team’s goal was creating an educational neighborhood that would place Fulton County Schools on the cutting edge of educational instructional models, technology, and design. Langston Hughes High School accommodates 1,950 students with a core capacity of 2,500 students. Site improvements include baseball, softball, tennis, and a football field and stadium – all accessible from a sports plaza – creating a collegiate environment while still in high school.