Date: 2009  |  Owner: City of Dunwoody  | Sq. Footage: 15,000 sf
Services Provided: Full Architectural and Interior Design Services

The new City of Dunwoody Police Force Headquarters and the Municipal Court Facilities include a common public reception area to present a welcoming yet professional image of the recently inaugurated city government to its citizenry. The Police Headquarters includes an officers’ roll call and assembly space with ancillary support functions such as a break area, lockers and shower facilities, a fully equipped crime lab, a secure evidence storage facility, a technical operations center for radio control, an investigations center for police detectives – including discreet witness interview rooms – as well as administrative space for the Police Chief and support staff. The Municipal Court includes a multi-use assembly space functioning as Courtroom as well as City Council Chambers, a Cashier’s Station for payment of fines, and office facilities for the Municipal Judge, Solicitor and City Clerk.