Date: 2008  |  Owner: Peachtree Christian Church  |  Sq. Footage: 4,250 sf
Services Provided: Full Architectural, Engineering, and Interior Design Services

This beautiful downtown Atlanta church is typical of many historic church campuses; congregants no longer approach the church from the street, but rather from the rear parking lot. As a result, Peachtree Christian faced many challenges prior to this addition, the chief of which were poor way-finding and a lack of a gathering space. The solution proposed by GSSTJ was to construct a “spiritual path to the sacred space,” in the form of a monumental corridor connecting the rear of the church to the narthex. The addition passed through a long-neglected and seldom enjoyed courtyard, bringing new life to the space, and included a ceremonial paved terrace and columbarium. The architectural style and careful detail of the addition complements that of the celebrated historical sanctuary.